WSJ History

The Wall Street Journal, the beloved source of information for millions of people, is an international daily newspaper published in New York City. Founded in 1874 by reporters as a small newspaper, it soon grew into a large-scale project, with the Dow Jones News Service delivery via telegraph and the Jones ‘Average’ index, one of the first indexes of stock prices on the New York Stock Exchange.

During the years, the Wall Street Journal circulation grew steadily, and after the Great Depression the WSJ went on to acquire its modern appearance characterized by its iconic front page design. The WSJ circulation soared, and soon the paper won its first Pulitzer Prize in the editorial writing category.

The 1990s were a hard period for the journal, and it was evident that there should be changes in conformity with the demands of the modern world. It was time for the Internet expansion to set in, with an online version of the Wall Street Journal, which established itself as the largest paid subscription website on the Internet. In 2006, WSJ started to include front page advertising. A year later, the journal began a worldwide expansion to include foreign language editions on its website.

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